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Guys. Figuring out what race an anime character is SHOULD NOT BE THAT HARD.
Katsuragi Keima? Sounds pretty Asian to me. Oh, what was that? The show takes place in Japan? Covered.
I don’t care if she looks white if Himeji goes to Fumizuki Academy she’s probably got some Asian roots wouldn’t you say?
Now, some Soul Eater characters? Death Valley, California isn’t all Asian. There’s some guessing, but I’d say some of those dudes could be white… In fact, it’s very probable. Le Chevalier D’Eon? Those Frenchmen are most likely white, too.
Just use your little ethnocentric head and realize that if someone looks white to you, but their name is Makoto Naegi and they live in Tokyo, GASP, you’re probably mistaken about their race. Done. It’s really easy.

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